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  • Tim Horton's coffee cups and Burger King bag

    Burger King bid for coffee shops puts fast food evolution in the spotlight

    Basics, Beats, Featured, Manufacturing | Large companies, Melissa Preddy, Personal finance, Retail | Lifestyle, Small | Private | Non-profit, Story ideas

    Wall Street gobbled up shares of fast-food monarch Burger King on Monday, following word that the 60-year-old chain might be headquartering north following the acquisition of the Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnut shops. Both chains enjoyed double-digit stock price hikes, with investors licking their chops over the favorable tax situation Burger King would enjoy as […]

  • Matt Levine in his NPR Planet Money T-shirt.

    Bloomberg View’s Matt Levine on being a financial columnist

    5 Questions with..., Best Practices, Career tips, Featured

    People may not trust a banker. They also may not trust journalists. But a banker-turned-journalist?  Now he may be a little more trustworthy. Matt Levine, Bloomberg View’s Wall Street columnist, believes his readers have a certain level of trust in him because of his former banking experience. His previous career at Goldman Sachs prepared him […]

  • Labor Day activities boating

    Chronicle the changing nature of jobs for a fresh take on Labor Day

    Beats, Economy, Featured, Melissa Preddy, Personal finance, Retail | Lifestyle, Story ideas

    With Labor Day only a week away, you may be pondering ways to commemorate the holiday, which was first observed in September 1882 in New York City, according to an account on the U.S. Department of Labor website. In the ensuing 132 years, the ebb and flow of the organized labor / collective bargaining movements […]

  • Public v Private, Power Searching, Detecting Fraud: Popular archives

    Public v Private, Power Searching, Detecting Fraud: Popular archives

    Best Practices, Career tips, Featured, Investigation, IRE

    We keep all the tools for our training and share them on these Self-Guided Training pages. Another way that people find out about our training is when they stumble upon the slideshows we keep on our Slideshare.net account. Here are the Top 5 training slideshows from this summer. Chris Roush, award-winning professor and founding director […]

  • Baton Rouge hosts Reynolds' first custom newsroom training

    Baton Rouge hosts Reynolds’ first custom newsroom training

    Best Practices, Custom Newsroom Training, Self-guided and archives

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a capitol city with a certain flair. It’s home to a sports powerhouse, Louisiana State University. It has avenues filled with stately homes, beautiful walks dripping with live oaks, and  some of the best food you’ll find anywhere in the South. For us at Reynolds, Baton Rouge is an extra special […]