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Investigating Government Contractors: Online, April 22
Contractors have literally become a fourth branch of government. In this one-hour webinar on April 22, learn to track local and national government spending on contractors in public databases and see examples of stories that have or could be done.
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Shadow Money: Unraveling Political Nonprofits’ Funding: Online, May 14
Politically active nonprofits take advantage of loopholes in the Internal Revenue Service's rule book to build complex webs of entities - linked together by money - to win political races and keep the source of the money secret. During this free, one-hour webinar from the Reynolds Center and the Center for Responsive Politics, you'll learn where to find how this money is being spent on the issues important to your beat and how to begin unraveling the web of organizations behind it all.
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Mergers & Acquisitions 101: Online, June 3
This free, hourlong webinar by Amy Wu, a former reporter with The Deal LLC, is designed to give you the basics you need to tackle a mergers & acquisitions (M&A) story on deadline. You will come away with the essential language, know-how, questions, story ideas, and tools necessary to write a basic M&A news story for your news organization.
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Tracking Tribal Cash and Influence to Washington: Santa Clara, Calif., July 10
In the last two decades, tribes and Native communities have begun asserting themselves in Washington like never before. This free workshop will teach Native American journalists and others how to tap into the world of money and influence in Washington, and better understand how decisions affecting tribes and Native communities are being influenced -- and who is trying to influence them.
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What’s Next in Covering the Affordable Care Act: Online, Aug. 6
Get ready to cover open enrollment this fall for both individuals and small businesses under the Affordable Care Act. A year after the launch of, individuals will be anxious to see whether premiums go up when open enrollment starts Nov. 15, and for the first time, small businesses will be shopping on to buy the coverage they must provide. In In this free, one-hour webinar, Tami Luhby, who covers health care for CNNMoney, will help you identify local story ideas and give you a road map to possible sources to develop them.
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