How to Launch – Build Your Personal Website: Self-guided training
This free self-guided workshop, led by Jeremy Caplan, offers practical tips for showcasing your work, marketing yourself and promoting your [...]
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Take compelling business news photos: Self-guided training
Visuals are everyone’s job these days. “Take Compelling Business News Photos” taught journalists how to shoot business-news photos, feel at [...]
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Produce a business news podcast: Self-guided training
This hands-on session taught journalists how to record and produce a business news podcast. “Produce a Business News Podcast” participants visited a [...]
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How to look natural on air: Self-guided training
In this half-day workshop, journalists learned tactics for successful television interviews from an off-camera anchor. “How to Look Natural On Air,” [...]

Produce a business news video in a day: Self-guided training
“Produce a Business News Video in a Day” was a specialized training workshop held during the 2010 Society of America [...]
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