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What’s Next in Covering the Affordable Care Act: Self-guided training
“What’s Next in Covering the Affordable Care Act” was originally held on Aug. 6, 2014. After the launch of, [...]
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Mergers & Acquisitions 101: Self-guided training
"Mergers & Acquisitions 101" was originally held on June 3, 2014. Facebook and Instagram. Starbucks and Teavana. Verizon and Vodaphone. Mergers [...]
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Shadow Money: Unraveling Political Nonprofits’ Spending: Self-guided training
"Shadow Money: Unraveling Political Nonprofits' Spending" was originally held on May 14, 2014. Politics is a big business. Not only is [...]
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Investigating Government Contractors: Self-guided training
Investigating Government Contractors was originally held April 22, 2014. Contractors have literally become a fourth branch of government. Name a government [...]
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Investigating Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers: Self-guided training
Investigating Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers was originally held April 9, 2014. Learn whether stockbrokers or investment advisers have run afoul of [...]

The Fracking Revolution: Self-guided training
The free, one-hour webinar, The Fracking Revolution: Finding Energy Stories Everywhere, will be held Dec. 4, 2013. In this presentation [...]
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