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Testy Copy Editor: In summary, part 2
Editor’s note:  This will be Phillip Blanchard’s final regular post for A copy editor on the Washington Post Financial [...]
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Testy Copy Editor:  In summary, part 1
Mistakes are inevitable: a wrong number here, a typing error there. The news media are full of them. There was [...]
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Controversy, yes. Hostility, no
Ms. Yellen will face hostile questioning from Republican senators who oppose the Fed’s policy of quantitative easing. (Financial Times, Nov. [...]
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EBITDA? Eh. Oh, and we get to the bottom of bitcoins
We might take a number like profit margin and look at maybe 100 different variables to figure out which one [...]
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Want an interview? Send me an email
E-mail has made the news, news stories, and newspapers dull. (Patrick B. Pexton) Pexton, a former Washington Post ombudsman,doesn’t like [...]
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Arrows, dots and boxes: Not by the numbers
I’m a word man, but there was a time I laid out a lot of pages. That’s one of the [...]
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