Craig Silverman

Don’t be hoodwinked: Detect online errors with savvy skepticism
Craig Silverman’s “B.S. Detection for Digital Content” session led copy editors through the possible pitfalls for relying on online information [...]
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Check out Craig Silverman’s roundup of worst business-reporting errors in 2010
Journalists on every beat are looking back at the trends and stories that defined the past 12 months. I engage [...]
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NYT’s Joe Nocera: 4 tips for not missing the next financial crisis
I asked Nocera to identify some of the mistakes made by journalists in covering the crisis and suggest how business [...]
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Avoiding errors when using ‘largest,’ ‘costliest’ and other superlatives
Oldest, newest, costliest, largest, smallest, most corrupt, most ethical, most effective, least harmful… journalists often apply these superlatives to a [...]
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4 tips for reporting on medical and scientific studies
REGRET THE BUSINESS ERROR:  Business journalists are probably more comfortable inside a factory or boardroom instead of a laboratory or [...]

How to build a personalized accuracy checklist
If I say the name, Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, you know exactly whom I’m talking about. You’re likely picturing [...]