Helping readers make business sense of global turmoil
The growing drumbeat of global strife and spate of recent air disasters is casting a gloomier pall over economies worldwide, [...]
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Prisoners as consumers: Behind bars is some big business
We write a lot about consumer demographics, from college students to young parents to Baby Boomers – but there’s one [...]
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The world of fandom – Comi-Cons – is ripe for financial stories
What’s a multi-billion industry that draws celebrities, corporate exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of free-spending enthusiasts to events in multiple [...]
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Microsoft layoff news prompts a look at job cuts
Word last week that Microsoft will be jettisoning 18,000 workers raises the specter of mass layoffs, a frequent occurrence several [...]
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Hack to flacks: PR advice from a cranky journalist
Some of you will go directly into public relations or “public affairs” (I always wanted to be in public affairs, [...]
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Do $7 billion deals like Citigroup’s really help consumers?
This week’s announcement of a federal government settlement with another major mortgage lender is reviving buzz about the mortgage messes [...]
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