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New state tax revenue data gives insight into consumer spending
New numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau on state tax revenues are just out for the fourth quarter of 2013, [...]
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Keeping an eye on local economics as the Ukraine-Russia crisis persists
As a business writer, you might not have had the escalating military and political crisis in the Ukraine on your [...]
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Insurance, auto repairs, vacations: Winter’s impact
It’s been a rough six weeks of bitter cold and giant snowbanks for may parts of the country, and a [...]
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How widespread are coal ash dumps and who’s working to prevent spills?
News has been coming thick and fast the last few weeks, so you might have missed the uproar over the [...]
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As the winter freeze deepens, the effect on businesses and consumers does too
There’s so much happening this month and next for business writers to focus on, but sometimes you need to bow [...]
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