Trip to China

Complications for foreign media outlets in China
Last week when Cronkite students visited The Wall Street Journal Asia office, the hot topic of conversation was the foreign [...]
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We’ve now been in Shanghai for over three days and it seems that here, more than in Beijing, the complexities [...]
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Understanding the value of money in China
With each day that passes, the Chinese way of life heightens my interest in the country and the way it [...]
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The Great Wall of China
One of the biggest questions we’ve been asked since we’ve been here is: Why is there such a great communication [...]
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Doing a little back-alley shopping in Shanghai
When walking the streets of Shanghai it is impossible to avoid the masses of locals looking to sell Westerners knock [...]
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Pushing beyond stereotypes: Becoming curious about the real China
As we near the end of our study abroad trip to China, it’s becoming clearer to me that America is [...]
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